Glass Pebble Swimming Pool Interiors

If a rendered finish is what you want, Melbourne Pool Renovations offers top-end, luxury Blue Glass Pebble swimming pool interiors.

Don’t be satisfied with inferior imitation pebble with crushed quartz or painted glass added to it. These interiors may cost you less now, but can cost you much more to replace in the future.

Blue Glass pebble is a colour-fast, smooth and durable product which will last the life of your pool and look as good ten years from now as it does tomorrow – without enslaving you to a life of pool chemistry and maintenance.

If a dazzling, extravagant, sparkling deep blue pool interior which will be durable and easy to look after is what you desire, then Melbourne Pool Renovations has the interiors for you.

Get in contact with us today to begin experiencing our industry-renowned customer service and commitment to excellence. We are extremely passionate about what we do and will always go the extra mile to ensure a great outcome. Our products are as reliable as they are dazzlingly extravagant.

Is there a warranty for your swimming pool interior?

You bet! We offer a 10 year warranty for all our pool interiors. Crushed quartz interiors may cost you less now, but can cost you much more to replace in the future.

I’ve been in Pebbled Pools which cut my children’s feet. Will this happen to my swimming pool interior?

Being made from 50% ultra smooth glass pebbles, our product greatly reduces the natural abrasiveness of traditional pebblecrete; and indeed we are yet to receive a single complaint about the texture of our pool surfaces.


Been thinking about upgrading, renovating or rebuilding your swimming pool?

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